Ty Beanie Baby – Bongo – Orangutan

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Ty Beanie Baby – Bongo – Orangutan Description

Product description Bongo Bongo – Monkey – Ty Beanie Babies Ty family:Beanie Babies Style number:40781 Variety: Anial:Monkey – Orangutan Exclusive to: Special category: Birthday:November 2, 2008 Introduction date:July 27, 2009 Retirement date:May 2011 Height:8.5 inches ST generation(s):15 TT generation(s): Theme: POEM I climb and swing from tree to tree with friends who love to hang with me and when we want to have more fun I play a tune on my jungle drum ! From the Manufacturer Our adorable Orangutan monkey:  Bongo is so endearing with his big eyes and soft smile.

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