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Rooms: The Main Building – Nintendo DS Description

Product Description Explore amazing buildings, move objects inside of rooms, and use your wits to escape from each room in the mansion. Place the background in the right location as you would a jigsaw puzzle for an extra bonus through your journey! Rooms: The Main Building is a single player puzzle game for Nintendo DS/DSi that challenges players to find their way out of a confusing world of more than 100 2D rooms that are inexplicably jumbled into tiled segments. The game utilizes a sliding tile game mechanic to move through these settings, as well as a set of special items like ladders or phones that can be overlaid on the play area to bypass problematic areas. Additional features include a level editor, and the ability to share levels with other players over a Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. Rooms Like None You Have Ever Seen In Rooms: The Main Building players walk into a mystery like none they have ever experienced. An invitation abruptly arrived at your doorstep diverts you to the entrance of a world that is physically scrambled, yet filled with mystic beauty. In that world, you need to reach the exit by sliding the pieces of rooms in the same way as a slide puzzle. At the same time you must use fantastic devices to navigate through each of these rooms. The solution is only a doorstep away. Getting there is the easy part. Finding a way home will be the adventure. Sliding tile puzzle play. View larger. Gameplay Rooms: The Main Building is a point-and-click puzzle game that utilizes the classic sliding tile puzzle mechanic to challenge the player to move through a gameworld made up of more than 100 rooms that have been inexplicably rearranged. To escape these rooms players use the DS stylus or their finger to click on the blank areas next to the section of the room that your character is in. This shifts your character to that section. But think ahead and plan accordingly to avoid problem areas or circumstance that may block your path. In addition to spatially oriented thinking, special items can also help you through your journey. For instance, use a ladder to climb vertically to a new room section, or teleport to entirely new areas or rooms via one of the mysterious telephones available throughout the game. These items and more can be found at various spots in the play area, or in the central area connecting rooms, know as ‘Rooms Street.’ Here you can also interact with non-player characters and get a better understanding of how this jumbled world came to be. Share Your Rooms Nintendo DS/DSi players of Rooms: The Main Building can not only create their own game levels, but also share their creations via a Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. Be a part of the Rooms: The Main Building community and see if you have what it takes to solve challenges created by players across the globe. Key Game Features A unique point-and-click puzzle adventure for Nintendo DS/DSi that is based on the classic sliding tile puzzle mechanic. Play inside of intuitive and amusing rooms as you use objects and your wits to escape. Over 100+ rooms to traverse as you make your way through the buildings of this mystifying world. Explore the additional play area of ‘Rooms Street’ where you can interact with non-player characters, find useful items and more. Includes a level editor to create your own levels. The ability to share levels wirelessly via a Nintendo Wi-Fi connection allows players to share their creations with friends. Additional Screenshots: 100+ rooms to puzzle through. View larger. The hub of Room Street. View larger. Utilize special items. View larger. Create & share levels. View larger.

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