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Munchables – Nintendo Wii Description

The Munchables for Nintendo Wii…The Munchables are hungry creatures taken over by Don Onion and his evil space pirates. The only hope for the planet’s survival is to eat the most enemies and grow large enough to defeat Don Onion and the 8 Enemy Bosses. The more you eat the bigger you get and you’re going to have to be big to beat Don Onion and his space pirates. You can power-up yourself to eat the array of vegetables fruits and even porcupines that are in your way! The planet depends on the Munchables for survival. No pressure. ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY: Once you start eating you won’t want to stop. Your character grows bigger and bigger the more you eat and so do your enemies. QUIRKY CHARACTERS: Eat crazy characters like Eggplanter Space Shroom and Rice Baller. Over 150 different enemies will try to stop you from saving the planet. 8 Enemy Bosses. 2 MODES OF PLAY: You can play in regular mode and in time-attack mode. ACCESSORIZE YOUR CHARACTER: Over a dozen different customizations can be made for your main character. 2 PLAYER ACTION: Join a friend to help you defeat Don Onion and the Space Pirates. EXTRAS : 27 different songs included played by the Munchables band. And 5 different movies that show you the world of the Munchables.

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