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Escape The Museum – Nintendo Wii Description

Product Description It¿s a warm day in the city and Susan Anderson has brought her daughter Caitlin to work for the day at the National Museum of History. But what began as an exciting day for the pair ends in devastating suspense when, just after closing, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake rocks the city. After getting Caitlin to safety Susan scours the museum for anyone left behind but is knocked unconscious by falling debris. When Susan awakes she finds the museum left in shambles. Barely able to move from room to room you must help Susan navigate and work her way through the maze of the museum in a series of puzzles and frantic searching. Can you help Susan get back to Caitlin and escape the museum together? Majesco Entertainment brings the adventurous hidden object game Escape The Museum to the dynamic world of Wii. In the wake of a devastating 7.6 magnitude earthquake, your task is to help battered curator Susan Anderson navigate the ruins of the National Museum of History, save everything she can, and reach her missing daughter, Caitlin. The museum contains 12 detailed hunt-and-find areas. View larger. One minigame involves paintings turned to puzzles. View larger. Hidden objects keep your escape attempt interesting. View larger. An engaged security system makes saving artifacts tougher. View larger. A Detailed, First-Person View of the Museum The story behind Escape the Museum began innocently enough when Susan Anderson brought her daughter to work at the National Museum of History to share in an exciting, educational day. But just after closing time, an earthquake caused destruction on a massive scale. After making sure that Caitlin was safe, Susan returns to the museum to make sure no one else had been trapped and left behind, but her heroic intentions are compromised when falling debris knocks her unconscious. When she wakes up–alone and in the midst of all the ruined displays–she can barely move. This is where you come in, standing in her shoes, with a first-person view of the vast museum and all the gritty, dusty destruction caused by the earthquake. Can you outsmart the security system that has come on? Save art and artifacts from the dusty, unstable displays? Find a way to reach your daughter for a happy reunion? Sensitive Wii Controls for Navigating a Puzzling Journey With 25 distinct adventure scenes and 12 different hunt-and-find areas to search through, there’s plenty of territory to explore in this museum. And your Wii remote offers the control you need to solve a variety of puzzles, find and salvage priceless artifacts, and uncover exits that have been hidden in the chaos. Skillful players will even discover ways to access hints that help them on their adventurous journey. When it comes time to gauge where you stand, a detailed map screen lets you check what percentage of the game you have completed and gauge your progress. You can also quickly view your accuracy as a percentage, the value of the artifacts you have saved, and the amount of time that has elapsed. All these stats add to the fun when you want to compete against your personal best or the personal bests of your friends and family. Challenging Mini-Games In addition to the main adventure narrative, this hidden object game includes two mini-games that add to the challenge of your missions. One requires you to locate pieces of valuable paintings and reassemble them as a puzzle. The other asks you to try and match an artifact’s weight. Successful matching allows you to save the artifact in question and continue on to other rooms.

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