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Docomodake BOING! – Nintendo DS Description

Product InformationSet on the day of the annual festival held in the Doodake Forest the Doodake family is nowhere to be seen. You play as Papa Doodake and face various obstacles and challenges in order to find your family and get them to the festival on time. With a tap of the stylus you can release ‘Minis’ that aid you when the going gets a little tough. Minis make the impossible possible!Product FeaturesJump Dig and Climb your way through puzzle-based levels as you navigate your way through the Doodake ForestSplitting into Minis allows you to bee smaller to fit through tight areas get an extra boost and climb to unreachable areas fill in gaps so that you can cross dangerous terrains and find more Minis along your journey and increase your versatilityShare the game with a friend using the Single-Cart Doodake Demo featureBuy collectible items in the game with the coins you find along the wayTutorial Level available to sharpen your skills

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